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A Golden Leaf in Time Revised-Excerpt

Chapter 22- Trey's Renunciation

She came toward him and he said, “Stay away from me, Flora. This could get ugly, uglier than we need to experience. Stay back and let me have some quiet time.”

“But, Trey, I can’t believe you said those things to me,” she said. “Please, Trey, please reconsider. What will people think?” she cried.

“People? What people? You have no friends. What people? I couldn’t care less what people think. Most of them who pass an opinion have much more to hide than we do. Besides, you make me lose respect for you. You make me say things that I have to think about later and make me question myself. Let’s quit this conversation before the words start flowing again, Flora. I have never talked to anyone like this before in my life,” he said.

She stood over him for a moment. “Will you hold me, Trey, and tell me that everything will be all right?” she pleaded.

“No. No more pretenses. No more games, Flora. I need to be alone,” he said.

“We could talk about this,” she continued.

“I need to be alone,” he said in a low, definitive voice.

“But, Trey?” He did not answer. “Trey?” she said.

He still did not answer her.

January 19, 2019