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It is Enough- Excerpt


Chapter 10 - Matching Outfits

“Sit here. I am going to show you how to stitch. Here is a scrap to practice on,” Phoenix instructed. She showed Leah how to hold the material straight under the feeder petal and how to operate the sewing machine. “Practice making a straight stitch for a while and I will be right back.”

As the machine sang its own tune, Leah had an idea while she practiced over and over. She laughed and said that she was indeed becoming a thinking woman. Phoenix returned with a few remnants of fabric in an array of colors and prints. With like minds attuned, she paused and asked, “Auntie Phoenix, may I make something for Asha?”

“What do you have in mind?” Phoenix asked.

Leah paused and said, “I will be right back.” She went to her room and got a sheet of paper from her writing pad. She took a pencil and sketched a large rectangle with a V flap. She returned to the den with her sketch in hand. She said, “Here is my design. It can a be a pencil holder to go in Asha’s backpack.”

“Oh. How thoughtful,” remarked Phoenix. “Okay. Choose from these fabrics.”

Leah mulled over them for a moment and quickly made three choices.

Phoenix leaned back and said, “Oh?”

“Yes, something for Asha, Mama and Rachel,” Leah said decidedly.

"Sure. Go for it!” Phoenix said encouragingly.

April 17, 2021