Lynn M. Dixon- Author
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Boston & Beyond- An Excerpt


Chapter 1-Boston at Last!

The plane descended and headed towards Logan Airport in Boston. Phoenix held Tyre’s hand as they looked out at all of the beautiful blue water that was dotted with sailboats underneath them. They both secretly hoped that the pilot could see the airport because all they saw was glistening water.

When they were safe on the ground, Phoenix folded her itinerary on what she had planned to do while in Boston. She had been diligently doing her research and hoped that she had not crammed too much in the space of seven days.

She knew that she would be doing a lot of walking in the Back Bay area, visit a couple of authors’ homes and of course, do some shopping. Retail therapy in New England!

Tyre’s mind was racing as well as he neatly slid his speeches for the literary conference in his leather attaché case that he had gotten from the yard sale. He clicked the lock and looked over at his beaming wife.

“Ready honey?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” answered Phoenix. 

May 20, 2017