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Gardens of Green- Amazon Reviews

Gardens of Green: Tyre & Phoenix

***** A Happy Ending to a Beautiful Series

"Tyre and Phoenix settle into their new lives in Amherst. Tyre as an English professor pursuing his doctorate and Phoenix returns to work as a librarian. The only thing missing from their perfect lives is not Phoenix's lovely garden but something else, and they're in for a surprise. I enjoyed this series and of this lovely God-fearing and educated couple. Green is a color sign of fresh new beginnings and Tyre and Phoenix will continue to enjoy their new lives together, and pass on their load to two unexpected guests.".  Selena Haskins, Author
(October 15, 2017)

***** A Beautiful Closure!

"This really is a beautiful closure to the story of Phoenix and Tyre. I really loved the gentle pace of the book and found it particularly moving. The whole series is like a kind of meditation, and each book has added to the calm rhythm of the couple's journey. What a lovely ending! Well done Ms Dixon! "  Val Poore, Author (October 14, 2017)

*****  Life Goes On!


*****An Endearing Short Story-