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Gardens of Green- Amazon Reviews

Gardens of Green: Tyre & Phoenix

***** A Happy Ending to a Beautiful Series

"Tyre and Phoenix settle into their new lives in Amherst. Tyre as an English professor pursuing his doctorate and Phoenix returns to work as a librarian. The only thing missing from their perfect lives is not Phoenix's lovely garden but something else, and they're in for a surprise. I enjoyed this series and of this lovely God-fearing and educated couple. Green is a color sign of fresh new beginnings and Tyre and Phoenix will continue to enjoy their new lives together, and pass on their lod to two unexpected guests.".  Selena Haskins, Author ( October 15, 2017)

***** A Beautiful Closure!

"This really is a beautiful closure to the story of Phoenix and Tyre. I really loved the gentle pace of the book and found it particularly moving. The whole series is like a kind of meditation, and each book has added to the calm rhythm of the couple's journey. What a lovely ending! Well done Ms Dixon! "  Val Poore, Author (October 14, 2017)

*****  Life Goes On!


*****An Endearing Short Story-