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Gardens of Green-Excerpt

 Chapter 6- "Hi there!"

With that thought, out walked a tall, young woman with soft, brown hair. She ran and picked up the toddler who was laughing wildly. When she saw Phoenix, she waved. Phoenix waved back and continued to water the freshly tilled ground. Then she heard a voice say, “Hello, there.” 

“Hi,” replied Phoenix as she stood. She removed her garden gloves and walked towards the fence.

“I am Autumn and this is my son, Jay,” she offered.

“I’m Phoenix. Phoenix Matthews Thomas,” she volunteered. They shook hands over the fence.

“Welcome. Welcome to Amherst,” said Autumn.

“Thanks. My husband and I recently moved here from Chicago. He’s working at the University,” she continued. “Great. Well, we are the Brown family and my husband works over at the college,” Autumn said.

Of course in a town this size, she already knew about Phoenix and Tyre but she had to pretend that she did not know about them.

“Oh? Which college?” asked Phoenix. “Oh yeah, Amherst is known for its five colleges, but he works at Amherst College. He is the Tech person there,” she went on. “I see,” said Phoenix.

“My husband, Tyre, is teaching in the English Department and entering into the doctoral program.”

“Impressive,” said Autumn. “Well, if you need anything like directions, a cup of sugar, a listening ear or whatever, don’t hesitate to knock. I’m usually home with this little one.” “Good to know,” said Phoenix.

November 11, 2017