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A Continuum -An Excerpt

Chapter 30- Honey!

Both Tyre and Phoenix were moving at a hurried pace. There was the cold weather to contend with as Chicago winters go. She had to make sure that she was bundled up to make the morning and evening commutes. Those raised in The Windy City knew it was known for the high winds blowing off of Lake Michigan.

It had been called The Hawk, and more specifically The Almighty Hawk, which commanded respect. Extra layers of clothes were required along with long underwear, long woolen socks, fur-lined boots, two or more heavy scarves, hats with flaps to cover the ears and if necessary, hats with total facial coverage with only the eyes out for navigating the outside world.

Tyre, on the other hand, had to get up early enough to warm the car and make sure that all of the pistons and mechanics of the engine were being respected before he pulled off onto the icy streets. The city was good about keeping the main arteries cleared of snow and ice, when possible. But, with winters like these, one never knew. So, an early start and a good functioning vehicle was a great way to be fortified against the real world.

Phoenix left early too. On some days, she felt like a kindergartener being sent off to school in a snowsuit. She had on so many extra layers that she almost held her arms out as she headed towards the door on those cold mornings. 

January 15, 2022