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It is Enough- Two Sisters


Chapter 8- Two Sisters

“Rachel, here,” and Leah gestured to Rachel. “Turn around,” she directed. She tied a smaller apron around Rachel and said, “I will wash the dishes and you will dry the dishes. That is the way me and Asha do it at home.”

“Asha?” asked Rachel. “Yes, my other little sister but, she is a little older than you are,” Leah went on.

“Oh?” Rachel wanted to know more.

“Yes. I will tell you more about her while I am here,” Leah said.

Leah ran the soapy water. She helped Rachel stand upon a small stepstool and showed her how to wipe the dishes dry and place them on the towel on the counter.

Rachel hummed as she worked which now served as a normal backdrop for the family. Phoenix sat within view and earshot and relaxed when she saw that things were under control. Though it was quite unplanned, she got up and walked over and kissed Leah on the cheek.

Rachel squawked, “Hey, what about me?”

Phoenix said, “Oh, I have enough kisses to go around.” She then kissed Rachel on both cheeks and said, “There!”

“Enough for Daddy, too,” Rachel laughed.


May 14, 2022