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Warm Intrigues- An Excerpt

Chapter 17-Phoenix and Septima

Phoenix and Septima worked quietly side by side as if on an assembly line. Her mother gave directions in spurts, and she followed along as if she was still a teenager doing chores in the kitchen. Her mother smiled to herself as she noticed the glow that her daughter seemed to be emitting. She thought to herself, “Uh huh.” A mother knows. A woman knows. She felt a sense of peace as she bowed her head in silent agreement. “She wears it well, and from all appearances, I say this is a good fi t for her,” she thought.

Phoenix broke the silence when she said slowly, “Ma, how will I know? How will I know if Tyre is right for me?” 

“Just think about all of the love songs, Phoenix. Go with your gut feelings. If it feels right, take a chance and have enough confidence in yourself to know that you can handle it. If something comes up, you are smart enough to handle it. You have had enough lessons. You will know how to fix it where it is acceptable and manageable. And if, for whatever reason, it becomes unbearable, simply move on,” she closed.

“How did you become so wise, Ma?” Phoenix asked.

“Living. Observing. You cannot have every experience, but you also observe others, and you learn a lot. You are ready. Do not second-guess yourself. I say, go for it,” Septima added.

October 1,2022