Lynn M. Dixon- Author
  A Golden Leaf in Time Revised/   Warm Intrigues/ A Continuum/   Musings: Blogs & Tweets

Lynn's Books


  • Traveling Streams- Memoirs, poems & short stories.
  • Musings:Blogs and Tweets- Blogs and tweets.
  • A Golden Leaf in Time Revised- Two people engrossed in deep pain finally meet (Bk 1).
  •  Warm Intrigues- Tyre and Phoenix date (Bk 2).
  • A Continuum- Tyre and Phoenix live in the Old Town area (Bk 3). 
  • In the Throes of Progress- Tyre and Phoenix are tested (Bk 4).  
  • Boston and Beyond -Tyre spends a working week in Boston while Phoenix travels (Bk 5). 
  • Gardens of Green - Tyre and Phoenix finally land in a sainted place as the series ends (Bk 6).  

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